About Courtney


Hi, I’m Courtney and I started this blog because I wanted to share about my personal experiences and discoveries on the Divine Love Path towards God, my soulmate, and growing in love and truth with regards to myself, others, and all of God’s Creations. For more detailed info on the Divine Love Path, please click here.

I’m American, 30 years old, and my career has always been in health and nutrition. I have my own business and as a nutritionist and I coach people in vegan nutrition, juicing, and healing food addiction and eating disorders as well as make videos and other content. Most of my time is spent doing that, which I really enjoy. My main passions are outdoor activities, veganism, fitness, gardening, environmental restoration, photography, art, and writing. However, my biggest passion is learning about God’s Truth from Jesus and Mary and sharing it with others!

I’ve been listening to Divine Truth since 2011, when I was introduced to it through my now-partner Perry Haldenby. You’ll find mention of Perry on this blog as well.

As of March 2018 I am currently in Wilkesdale, Queensland participating in the Volunteer Selection Project, learning behind the scenes operations for this project with the God’s Way directors, and learning skills to be able to, in the future, help Divine Truth and God’s Way in various capacities including managing office and FAQ emails, filming Assistance Groups and other events, manual labor for environmental projects, and more.

I love learning how to share God’s Truth with the world and be of service to Jesus and Mary. I know that the thing I want to do with my life is assist in sharing Divine Truth and God’s Way, so as many people as possible know that a relationship with God, and God’s Truth is available to them if they want to explore it.

I have a youtube channel about my experiences learning about Divine Truth called God Love and Truth, which can be found here.

Thank you for stopping by.




10 thoughts on “About Courtney”

  1. Thanks for sharing Courtney! Helped me to reflect on some of my current blockages to connecting with God. It’s inspiring to hear some of the big shifts you have made.

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      1. Hi Courtney, I couldn’t find a place to leave a comment (maybe because I’m using my cell phone?) But I just wanted to say hi. My name is Lacy. I’ve been on the DL path since the beginning of this year, 2017, and have been desperately wanting to connect with someone/anyone who is also on it. I really enjoyed your story and it made me look at some of my emotional dynamics with my parents, especially my mother, in a new way. I find it really hard to gauge my progress although as Jesus says a good way to know if you’ve changed is if you see that change reflected in your life and in some ways I do. It feels great to talk to you, I feel quite isolated and lonely on this path sometimes (I live in rural eastern Canada) and although I try to share divine truth with those around me, it’s usually not well received. I’ve signed up for a 2019 assistance group but it seems so far away!! Anyway, thank you again for your honesty and take care :))


  2. Well written, honest and lovely to hear your journey. Glad you have started a blog on this. Great stuff! Has caused me to reflect on some things on my own site that need correcting, that I wrote in facade and very intellectually. It evolves all the time, and when I can reflect and see a lack of soul based truth I learn something – God shows me something. There is also a difference when you have received God’s Love of course – Love and truth come hand in hand. I hope it won’t be too long before I clear blocks around this.

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  3. Finally got to read this and I’m so glad to know you better and have more insight into your beautiful journey with God. I’m looking forward to reading your other posts!


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