About the Divine Love Path

The Divine Love Path is God’s Way as taught by Jesus and Mary Magdalene for ~2k years, including in their current incarnation where they were named Alan John Miller and Mary Suzanne Luck. There is much more in-depth info on what the Divine Love Path is that I encourage you to explore by clicking the links at the bottom of this page, but are some introductory resources:

Some great first steps if you’re new to Divine Truth:

From Mary’s blog:

“Both Alan John Miller and Mary Suzanne Luck claim they have lived a single 2000+ year life which began in the 1st century, and continued in the spirit world (or other dimensional spaces) after their death in the 1st century. They state that during their existence in the spirit world, they continued to grow and learn, and were able to discover a process by which they could return to earth. Alan John Miller calls the return process “reincarnation” but his description of the process bears no resemblance to other reincarnation philosophies currently taught.

Alan John Miller claims that Divine Truth is God’s Truth, which is the absolute truth about the universe and everything inside of it, from the perspective of God. He teaches that he has discovered it through forming a personal relationship with God, and he teaches that Divine Truth can be discovered by any person through the same process.

The Divine Truth teachings include information about God and God’s nature, the human soul’s nature, growth and potentials, how to have a relationship with God, what is loving from God’s perspective, how to become a more loving individual, life after death, spirits and the spirit world, and the laws that govern the operation of the universe.”

Also from Mary’s blog:

“The primary focus of Divine Truth teachings describe how to form a personal relationship with God, since God is personally interested in all of His or Her Children. It teaches that it is possible to form this relationship directly with God, and the relationship does not require intermediaries, such as Jesus or priests. It is claimed that this relationship will become the source of all truth, love, happiness, and information about the universe and how it operates.

Relationship with God is achieved by engaging in three principles – firstly developing humility, then being open to praying for Divine (God’s) Truth, and most importantly praying for Divine (God’s) Love to enter our soul. Humility is defined as a passionate and sincere longing and desire to experience all emotions, whether those emotions are painful or pleasurable.

Prayer for God’s Truth is defined as a passionate desire for universal and personal truth to be a part of ones life, and which causes a person to seek truth daily. Prayer for God’s Love is defined as a sincere emotional longing towards God for God’s Love. Prayer is not an intellectual process.

The focus on humility derives from the teaching that human souls are emotional, and God’s Soul is emotional, and therefore a true relationship with God can be formed only through an emotional bond with God, and not a thought-based connection.

There is a focus on the cathartic release of emotions in the teachings, since emotional “errors” inside of people, which are emotions that are not in harmony with love, block the flow of God’s Love into the human soul. Therefore these painful emotions need to be experienced in order for one to continue to receive God’s Love.”


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