img_6591If you would like to donate directly to Divine Truth, Jesus and Mary, or the God’s Way Organization, please click here.

I am currently in Wilkesdale, Queensland after having passed the Volunteer Selection Program and am volunteering for the Divine Truth and God’s Way organizations, and learning about how to run learning centers and volunteer selection projects in another location in the world, as my long-term goal is to start a Learning Center somewhere. Additionally, I am learning skills to be able to help Divine Truth and God’s Way in various capacities including managing office and FAQ email accounts, the FAQ Database, essential processes during and after studio video filming, filming Assistance Groups and other events, manual labor for environmental projects, and more.

I live mostly on donations and currently the vast majority of the donations I receive come from my business working as a nutritionist offering consultations and making videos. Since being in Australia, I have only devoted time to my business in a part-time capacity, and so your donations will greatly assist me with basic living expenses while I’m here.

Your donations will be used for:

  • Enabling me to volunteer more hours for Divine Truth: I will be spending as much time as possible learning and assisting, and the more donations I receive, the less I can work on my nutrition business and the more time I can spend volunteering for God’s Way and Divine Truth projects.
  • Purchasing software and technology to share Divine Truth. I need the same software used by the DT Team, including sound editing, video editing and office management software.
  • Enabling me to make videos and write more blogs. My blogs here take several hours each to write. For my videos, I spend about 8x as much in preparation and post production as the actual length of any videos I make. Donations will allow me to work a bit less in my nutritionist job and spend more time making DT videos.
  • Basic living expenses. Any donations I get both from my job as well as here are how I pay for all basic expenses including food, transportation, clothing, etc. I also pay taxes and other fees out of the gross income of any donations I receive.

How to donate:

1. Transferwise (preferred method for non-USA donations): click here to donate.

2. Paypal: click here to donate.

3: Patreon: a recurring donation/subscription option; click here to set up recurring donations.

For wire or bank transfer details, please contact me.

I believe in financial transparency as Jesus and Mary also encourage, so below is my income since 2014, when I moved into working by donation as a nutritionist (I’ve worked as a nutritionist since 2009 but charged for my time before then).

I do not have inheritance, financial assistance from family or a partner, or any other stream of income other than donations. As of March 2018, my income is about 84% donations and 16% paid consulting work.

2016 income

2014-2015 income

Thank you and love,