Recording: Sexuality & Soulmate Injuries Feedback from Jesus for Perry & Courtney

Hey Everyone,

Back in April 2017, Perry and I had a phone conversation with Jesus where we received a lot of amazing feedback about our relationship. It was such a gift to have that truth from Jesus and Mary as we both have more clarity on what direction we need to go in with regards to these particular issues.

Perry and I wanted to make this one public in case it’s helpful for others who have similar emotions to Perry, to me, or to our dynamic as a couple. I think it could also be helpful for parents in preventing the creation of certain addictions with their children or addressing ones they’ve already created.

It took me a while to get around to editing the file, which I did to remove some names and quite personal details of other people as I feel it’s up to them to reveal things about their lives if they want to. So if you notice things where it seems to be edited, that’s why.

The majority of this feedback session focuses on Perry’s emotions, and include discussion on issues such as:

  • Addictions created initially by a man’s mother in his childhood
  • Emotional incest between parents and opposite gender children
  • Addictions to feeling like a good guy
  • Sexual addictions in adulthood
  • Negative spirit influence and sexual addictions with spirits
  • Ethics and morals in relationships

For me, the session includes feedback on:

  • Sexual rejection emotions
  • Emotions of self doubt and insignificance
  • Lack of honesty in relationships

If you’re interested in learning more about this topics and how to work through them, I recommend Jesus and Mary’s videos on sexual attraction as well.

We hope it’s helpful!

Love, Courtney and Perry

Link to Recording 2017.04.16: Sexuality & Soulmate Injuries Feedback from Jesus for Perry & Courtney

New Video: Sexual Orientation Confusion P2

Hi Everyone,

I decided there was more to say (and maybe there is still yet more to say) on the topic of injuries and sexual orientation. So, this is the second video in the series where I discuss emotional injuries which caused my own confusion about my soul’s makeup and my attractions.

In this video I discuss more about dreams, others’ addictions to wanting to prevent people from working through sexual emotions, sexual bartering and manipulation, fears, and potential childhood root causes.

Sometimes the embedded video hasn’t been showing up when the post goes out to people subscribed, so in case that happens and you can’t see the video below, you can view Part 2 by clicking here. And for Part 1, click here.



Sexual Orientation Confusion & New Youtube Channel

Hi there,

I’m excited (and a bit self-conscious, I’ll be honest!) to announce I’ve made my first me-only video relating to Divine Truth, sharing more in detail my experience with being confused about my sexual identity and my soulmate makeup. I talk about how that happened, the insanely helpful feedback Jesus and Mary have gifted me which has helped me unravel it so far–I still have more to go–and DT video recommendations to learn more about the subjects of sexual projection, error-based versus pure attraction, and soulmates.

I plan to upload videos on many different topics in the future which will relate with my experiences with Divine Truth or just things I’m inspired by from Jesus and Mary’s teachings, even if I don’t have much experience with them yet! You can subscribe to the youtube channel by being signed into a gmail account and clicking the red “subscribe” button. I’ll announce new videos here, too.

If you want to get in touch to ask questions or clarifications about my experiences I describe in the video, feel free to email your questions to me at