Video: Depression and Suicidal Feelings P1

Hello again,

I’ve just uploaded a new video to my GLT channel. This video is the first in a series about depression and suicidal feelings, and suicide, and what I’m learning from Jesus and Mary is God’s Truth about these topics and why we have these feelings.

In this video I share a bit about my personal experience with it, and some of what I’ve learned about these subjects from Divine Truth. In future videos I’ll share more about what has helped me to heal some of this and improve in these feelings, and also what the reasons are that I still have them sometimes.

I hope they’re helpful for anyone who might struggle with them too. I have them in the comments for the video, but for additional info about them, I’ve really loved several DT videos to understand more, including:

Why does life often feel so helpless and empty?

Why do I want to hurt myself so much?

Jesus on Suicide

What is Suppression?



4 thoughts on “Video: Depression and Suicidal Feelings P1”

  1. how come you don’t have a comment section on your you-tube channel; i noticed that this was filmed in cottonwood, utah; i was a mormon for quite a while, in london; and i also had suicidal and sad feelings in my youth, but not self-harming; but am improving now; just starting to understand the world i live in now….just getting going..!!


  2. Hi Courtney,

    thank you a lot for sharing that. My spirit guides gave me thought to check this channel of yours and I found this video here. It blew me away – very helpful for me now as I have had (and still have) very similar feelings and patterns. Thank you for your decision to share those things. I also had that type of ocd as a child and then by listening to DT I realised that it was spirit influence. I also desire to be helping people and talking about such things. It is very, very needed I feel. Now I focus on my personal healing with God. I am yet to access my causal emotion that I am petrified of, but am developing faith. I am blocked to the emotion of fear and terror and that is what I pray about now. Without pushing myself anymore.
    Just recently I decided to try this Great Experiment, learning to be intimate with God. And it is awesome to see how quickly I am getting answers now. (Such as today I watched your video that gave me more faith.)
    I will read through your blog more, it is inspiring and I need inspiration.
    You are a beautiful sensitive soul, sister.




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