Videos: Food Addiction, Soul-Based Shift To Being Vegan

Greetings from a hot Salt Lake City, Utah, in summertime!

Over the last few months I’ve been making some videos, some about food addiction, overeating and weight loss, as well as some about having a soul-based shift into being vegan. In these videos, though they’re on my business-related channel, I talk here and there about Divine Truth principles Jesus and Mary teach, so thought I’d share about those videos on this blog.

Playlist for food addiction, compulsive eating, weight loss (below is first of several videos):

Playlist about a soul-based, emotional shift into being vegan (below is first of several videos):



One thought on “Videos: Food Addiction, Soul-Based Shift To Being Vegan”

  1. Thank you for sharing Divine Truth! I have just become vegan, but for me it´s been a process. Have been vegetarian since last september. Find it a bit hard when I´m with family or relatives, cause I´ve always eaten meat and now I don´t even drink coffee hehe. Even so I don´t really know if I´ve had a soulbased emotional shift related to veganism. It feels right cause it´s loving to my body, but in one way I also feel suicidal. It´s like there´s nothing to look forward to anymore. Like everything is hopeless and pointless. I hate those feelings but I feel them anyway. Now veganism isn´t my biggest problem, I have also a sexaddiction that is my most concern. That´s really where my hopelessness sets in and my sexual shame and guilt is. Haven´t really started feeling those feelings yet. Well, take care. /Jesper


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